"Mob Wives" with Sophia Bush, Drea de Matteo, D’Arcy Carden & Lucia Aniello

The Mob Wives regret last night’s dinner party where they all beat each other’s faces in (because they’re better than that), so they’ve decided to throw another dinner party to smooth things over and beat each other’s faces in.


This is a new video I wrote and directed for Funny or Die. It was one of my very favorite days of filming and incredibly fun to get to cast some of my friends!

The first second we started filming, Drea de Matteo asked if she could flip the table over and told the other actors that they could actually hit her in the face if they wanted to, because on The Sopranos, everyone actually beat each other up. Then she accidentally kicked a hole in the wall.

Thanks to the entire cast and crew for helping make this!

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    This is HILARIOUS.
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    I love this video! My favorite part of course is D’Arcy saying “Druh-a-maha”! And I can literally hear Chris Kelly...
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    I love everything about this. Drea de Matteo is my kind of hot tramp. I refer to my cat as Tiny Whiny Meek, so bonus...
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    If you missed Mob Wives this season, just watch this and you’ll be all caught up. Great video!
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    This is hilarious.
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    So freaking funny. And that story about Drea de Matteo makes me so happy. I love her.
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